Self Help Apps

There are plenty of excellent apps that can help with managing your emotional wellbeing and mental health – here are some suggestions to get you started. Although these apps can be useful, they are not a replacement for seeking professional advice or support. If you have concerns about any symptoms you are experiencing see the pages on confidential national helplines and local services.

Click each logo to be taken to the app information page.

Whilst all the apps listed here are free to download, please be aware that some include extra in-app purchase options.

Catch It

Learn to manage negative thoughts and look at problems differently

Age: 12+


The free version of the app focuses on the basics of meditation and mindfulness, perfect for beginners.

Move Mood

Low mood and depression weigh you down. Instead, engage, initiate and activate. Build your power to lift this weight.


Your online mental wellbeing community, free, safe, anomyous support.  

Clear Fear

Help you change anxious thoughts and emotions, alter anxious behaviours and calm fear responses.


Use choose-your-own adventure games to improve your emotional fitness


Record, manage and problem solve your worries with this easy-to-use app


A safe forum for young people to share experiences and ask advice anonymously

Chill Panda

Use breathing techniques to help you relax more, worry less and feel better