Staff Resources

Here are some resources for staff to help support students wellbeing

The aim of this guide is to help consider how you might initiate a conversation with a young person about mental health and wellbeing, including when a young person is struggling with their mental health. We need good mental health and wellbeing to be able to make the most of life’s opportunities and challenges, and we can nurture good mental health in young people whether they have a diagnosed mental health condition or not. 

How to have a conversation with young people about mental health  

30 Days of Mindfulness in the Classroom

Bring mindfulness to your classrooms with ease. From breathing exercises to meditations to relaxation activities, each day is a new mindful exploration complete with a lesson plan.

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classroom-wellbeing-toolkit ANNA FREUD.pdf


We are all familiar with the saying ‘mental health is everyone’s business’, but what does this really mean for school staff outside of the pastoral team? How can subject teachers and support staff best support young people’s mental health and wellbeing? How can they respond to students with mental health difficulties?

This toolkit aims to answer these questions by providing guidance on practical steps that teachers and other adults in school can take to promote and support mental health through their everyday interactions with students. It is not about asking teachers to be mental health professionals or designed to add to already overstretched workloads, but instead focuses on enhancing the quality of the classroom environment and staff–student relationships. 

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